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  • RE: Table content to spreadsheet

    You could easily write a DTS for this.


  • RE: Save linefeed-return charactes in a varchar column


    You could replace them with char(13)

    create table #test(test varchar(8000))

    INSERT #test (test) VALUES ('This ' + char(13) + 'is a ' + char(13) + 'test' )

    select * from #test

    drop table #test


  • RE: Reading trace files in SQL 2000


    This is the solution I implemented. It can probably be done more simple. I have one stored procedure that logs all security events. It runs when the server is started....

  • RE: Passing parameters in an URL to a report


    Thanks, but I do not understand it completely yet. From which query string?

    The URL parameters are not part of a dataset. I tried to do this on your suggestion, and...

  • RE: Reference books for SQL DBA

    Indeed Brian, these are all great books.

    But I also certainly want to mention the new books of Itzik Ben-Gan that are very good to get a deeper insight in the...

  • RE: Getting Users Password

    I believe it is a one-way encryption and this cannot be done.


  • RE: how to find out duplicate entries?

    You could do something like this:

    SELECT field

    FROM table

    GROUP BY field

    HAVING COUNT(field) > 1

  • RE: Checking for File Existence in SQL Server


    You can use master..xp_fileexist. Problem with that is that is its return code. You might have to go for something like:

    CREATE TABLE #fileexists ( exist int, dir int, parent int)


  • RE: RSinternal Error

    I'm experiencing the same error.

    However, I have installed the certificate, and my IWAM_ has sufficient rights. Also, I'm not installing on a DC.

    After installing, I get a message that I...

  • RE: Update only the Top x Rows, but by a specified order

    Isn't there a primary key in your table?

    Can't you do something like:

    UPDATE mytable t1

     SET name = newname


      FROM mytable t2

       ORDER BY name)

     WHERE =

    or use a...

  • RE: list of objects owned?



    FOR select name from sysdatabases

    DECLARE @name  varchar(40)

    DECLARE @cmdstr varchar(8000)

    SELECT  @cmdstr = ''

    OPEN curDBs


    WHILE (@@fetch_status <> -1)


     IF (@@fetch_status <> -2)


      EXEC master..xp_sprintf @cmdstr OUTPUT, 'select...

  • RE: Copy Data (SQL Database) into SQL 2000 Server

    If your data is allready in a SQL server format, it is easy:

    Hust copy the data on disk & use sp_attach_db

    EXECUTE sp_attach_db @dbname    = N'test_db',

              @filename1 = N'c:\program files\microsoft sql...

  • RE: Data Encryption


    Concerning SQL2K, I once read in the reasource kit that it was possible to encrypt the .mdf & .ldf files on NTFS, and have the account that run the SQLServer...

  • RE: how to Check if file exists and rename file use-xp_cmdshell


    It is not clear to me if this is a question or a solution you give us.

    The only problem I have with xp_cmdShell MOVE & xp_cmdshell REN is that there...

  • RE: Any way to get table name''''s trigger?


    When executing a trigger, you are in fact logically in a transaction. This means that there is a lock on at least one record of your table. You can check...

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