Execute Process Task looses file

  • Hi all,

    I have a batch file that I want to run in a DTS - Execute Process Task.

    The tasks runs fine... for some time. Then it looses its pointer to the batch file. Then I need to open the task, and re-select the win32 process. After doing so, the task runs fine again. Even WITHOUT SAVING the DTS.

    This cannot be an issue concerning user-rights, because sometimes it works, without changing any rights.

    Has anybody experienced a similar problem? And found a solution?

    Many thanks,


  • I've not come across this berfore. Try using a dynamic properties task to set the batch file location from a global variable each time the package runs.


  • Daniel,

    The batch file was calling some 3th party product batch files which call Java and they also changed the active directory a few times.

    I needed to simplified this, and indeed needed to use the dynamic properties task.

    So, your comment was helpfull, thanks.


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