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  • RE: Serious security issue and how to approach it

    I agree. At a previous job we had to purchase separate application and database servers for two commercial applications becuase they hardcoded the sa credentials in the application code and...

  • RE: Serious security issue and how to approach it

    Thanks for the advice. I wound up telling my boss who told me to tell the developer in an email and copy the project manager. I basically laid out why...

  • RE: Log IPs

    Disabling SQL Authentication isn't always an option.

    I agree that a firewall or some sort of IP monitoring/blocking, preferably in front of the SQL server is the best approach.

  • RE: A Nice Refund

    Ok, maybe I misread the article but it doesn't say anythng about a mistake in a database or a program. It says that a new program was being developed to...

  • RE: A Nice Refund

    I have to wonder if DBA salaries would start going up due to the breadth of knowledge we will start developing. My guess is that any DBA who gets good...

  • RE: Working More?

    Five years ago...I was working for an up-and-coming security company. I was working about 40-45 hours a week with the one-in-a-while disaster/project that has to be done outside normal business...

  • RE: Search and Replace

    and the "We Were All Waiting For Someone To Say That" award goes to...

  • RE: Search and Replace

    My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nothing

    Gee, and all the fun we used to have finding new foods that started with 'P' that our moms could have served us nine...

  • RE: Using XP_EXECRESULTSET To Obtain Database Size Information and More

    I'm afraid that's because the way I sent the article to the editors.

    Here's the code in text:




    SET @DBNAME=''



  • RE: 640

    Three stand-alone SQL 2000 servers, two of which are Dev servers.

    Four two-node SQL 2000 clusters, two of which are a pre-production/UAT area.


  • RE: A New Microsoft Fellow

    While I am sure Microsoft has done just that to keep trade secrets or market leadership, I'm disappointed in Microsoft's "Buy-and-integrate" approach.

    Rather than buying good products and technologies for...

  • RE: A New Microsoft Fellow

    John, are you familiar with the sysinternals website? If not, please take a look. These are FREE tools that Winternals made available to the Windows community for troubleshooting, analysis and...

  • RE: A New Microsoft Fellow


    There goes the neighborhood.

    While I can see some of their tools finding their way into Microsoft O/Ses, I can't see most of them doing so. I worry that the...

  • RE: Professional Development

    Something that occurred to me last night, and something I'd like to see covered in a future article, is how to take training/book learning and honestly put it on your...

  • RE: Professional Development

    Good article, Andy. I agree with most of what you've said expecially the fact that employers could, generally speaking, do a lot more to keep their employees up-to-date. The reason...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 129 total)