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  • RE: Cannot connect to analysis manager

    Sorry, no I didn't.

  • RE: Data Profiling Task Error

    I am using a Data Profiling Task in SSIS.

  • RE: SQL Injection

    I would recommend any applications being developed that access/update a SQL database be designed using connections with parameters for inserting search criteria. Some applications are developed using command text...

  • RE: SP3 Installation

    I had a similar issue and found the following query helpful.

    SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') as [Product Version], SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel') [Service Pack], SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') as [Edition]

  • RE: The Ultimate Duplicate Index Finder

    I am not sure I understand what is considered a duplicate index. It appears that if more than one index starts with the same field, that it is considered...

  • RE: SQL 2005 HTML Job Report

    I too have opened the file in Visual Studio and I think I have added the cr/lf (returns) in the correct places. My question now is how do you...

  • RE: SQL server 2005 Installation

    I think if you install SQL Server SP2 and then go back later and attempt to install any of the client components that you will also see the same error...

  • RE: Table Variables

    Although you can't do a CREATE INDEX against a table variable, you can have an index created behind the scenes when you declare the table variable with a...

  • RE: Msg 3271

    We are actually using both. We read several articles related to the MSg 3271 error. A couple of them stated the issue could be caused by the database...

  • RE: Msg 3271

    Thank you for the link.  I will do some additional research and check the available disk space.

  • RE: Msg 3271


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)