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  • RE: What's Your Downtime?

    We are a 24x5 shop and track unplanned outages to 12 database environments (Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server). In 2015 we had 96 minutes of downtime, all related to...

  • RE: Annual Security Compliance Training

    Wayne, your company clearly discriminates against speed readers. 😉

  • RE: What Kind of DBA Are You?

    I manage a small staff, so we do it all. We support four RDBMS platforms, development, production, BI, whatever. If there's a database, we support it.

  • RE: Annual Security Compliance Training

    Most of our training seems to be common sense type things. Depending on the topic, I will skim the materials (for unfamiliar things) or just click NEXT as fast...

  • RE: Common Mistakes

    Steve, when I first read your post, in which you said "we suffer from the chef problem in techology", I thought you were going to make an anology to the...

  • RE: Deploy the Database First


    You mention "extra columns in a result set" as being a downside to deploying database changes prior to application code changes. That would only occur with a "select *"...

  • RE: The Ratio

    We have about 5 developers to each DBA, not counting managers. The DBAs do development and production support for SQL Server, Sybase ASE, ORACLE, and DB2.

  • RE: DR Failovers

    We run DR tests quarterly, but we don't fail over unless there is a real disaster. We have actually been running production from our DR site since Sandy hit...

  • RE: The Control Poll

    All DDL and DML run against production databases is required to be in CVS. Same goes for source code (Java, PowerBuilder, etc.).

  • RE: DB Artisan

    This is an old thread, but the comments still ring true. We use DBArtisan 8.6.1 because it was the least buggy version I came across. We use SQL...

  • RE: The Command Shell

    I would be concerned about Windows Admins using this feature and accidentally causing problems in the SQL Server.

  • RE: SQL 2005 & SQL 2008 on the same server

    I assume you would just create a separate folder for the 2008 version? Anything tricky about this install (i.e., pitfalls to watch for)?

  • RE: DB Artisan

    I agree as far as the love/hate aspect. Every upgrade we do is to get a fix to a major bug in the current version. We are now...

  • RE: SQL Maintenance through Enterprise wide Scheduler

    Can I set up maintenance plans in Management Studio and execute them from Autosys? I don't know where the plan files get stored or whether they are executable files.

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