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  • I agree as far as the love/hate aspect. Every upgrade we do is to get a fix to a major bug in the current version. We are now upgrading to 8.6.1 because of bugs in 8.5.5 related to DB2. We use DBArtisan for Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle.

  • I have been using DBArtisan for many years. Currently I am using version 8.6.1 for Oracle and SQL Server. I find it more useful of the Oracle databases than for the SQL Server databases I manage. The feature I use most is the process monitor which I find has more useful information and has a clearer format than SSMS.

  • Am using the latest Embarcadero DBArtisan 8.5.5 currently and have had this tool for couple of years. Works very well to manage our Sybase but i would stick to using SSMS to manage SQL Server. Prior to this current version, found out that certain objects were not displayed in DBArtisan due to the tool unable to recognise special characters but SSMS is displaying everything fine.

    Reckons you should be a bit careful when drilling deep into SQL via DBArtisan. But so far, been happy with the tool (unless you're willing to manage a bunch of Sybase via isql :hehe: )

    Simon Liew
    Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008

  • I've been using DBArtisan for years; currently for SQL Server 2005 only. The main use is for generating scripts to be deployed at customers' sites, such as table change scripts, multiple stored procedure extracts, etc.

    As some others have mentioned, I've found it to be great when it works, but also extremely buggy. I'm using an old version (8.1.4) because every new version I try is unusable due to critical bugs. I recently installed 8.7.0 and quickly logged six bugs. So I'm stuck using 8.1.4.

    To me it seems like they do little to no QA on these products. That sounds harsh, but some of the bugs are unbelievably obvious and critical.

    Question 1: Can any of you recommend an alternative product?

    Question 2: Our developers use Embarcadero's RapidSQL, which also has its share of bugs. I'm thinking of phasing that out and instead just using SQL Server Management Studio. Does anyone have an opinion about that?

  • This is an old thread, but the comments still ring true. We use DBArtisan 8.6.1 because it was the least buggy version I came across. We use SQL Server Management Studio as well as Rapid SQL and TOAD. RDBMSs supported include Sybase, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server.

    We are trying to find an open source alternative to DBArtisan. Anyone know of such a product?

  • Depends on the features you are needing but there are some open source solutions as well as some less expensive commercial solutions out there. It just depends on what areas you are looking at.

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