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  • RE: Bulk Move/Rename of SSRS Reports through Web Services


    It looks a very useful and worthwhile project but it would be good to know if the authors thinks this should also work with the more numerous SS2k8 installations out...

  • RE: CDC for auditing

    I found cdc to be ott for tracking user data changes, besides I only had standard edition to work with so I looked around and found Standard CDC on codeplex....

  • RE: Uploading a file into a website using SSIS

    Koen answer is pathetic and folks should not comment on things they know nothing about. A file share relies on a mutual internal server and that's not what most web...

  • RE: What to use, Loop or cursor

    Thanks for improving the code, Lynn. It's 11 pm here in the UK and I'm using that as an excuse.

  • RE: What to use, Loop or cursor

    It would have helped us respond to you quicker if you'd kindly posted a table create and data insertion SQL. It would also have cleared up any assumptions about the...

  • RE: Refresh All Views

    Have you tried calling the proc recursively in the catch block with a parameter indicating the progress?

  • RE: Refresh All Views

    Just in case anyone was looking for a post SS 2k version that avoids cursors (and dare I say more readable?) version.



    Date: 2012-03-13

    purpose: to refresh the schema bindings of the...

  • RE: What is StreamInsight and why does it matter?

    Bit of a stale thread but I thought it might be worth updating that StreamInsight is available in all editions other than express.

  • RE: SQL 2008 - View - Order by Problem

    Interestingly, although using Select TOP 100 PERCENT with an ORDER BY clause results in the sort order being ignored, specifying Select TOP 99.999999 PERCENT will honour the ORDER BY.


  • RE: Importing Excel data to a table using SSIS

    well, thanks for sharing your answer. Not.

    Shame on you after so many folk tried to help you. This is a community after all.

  • RE: Current Running Job Schedule Id or Name

    Hi Ganesh

    I know this was some time ago but I have the same problem and I'm wondering if you ever found a solution. If you have, please share, if not,...

  • RE: SSIS Agent Job Passing Parameters

    @SSC Veteran: Thanks for the final clue to this mystery. I was actually putting in my top level package name and not the literal 'Package' Doh! Still, looks like I'm...

  • RE: Scheduling a Job in SQL server

    You could try setting up a test where you schedule two jobs to clash to say, increment an integer column in a test table and see what happends. if they...

  • RE: DTS package that manages execution of SQL Server jobs

    I think you might want to look at enablaing/disabling package steps in ActiveX scripts dotted about the package e.g. at the beginning...

     set pkg = DTSGlobalVariables.Parent

     set stpFinished = pkg.Steps("DTSStep_DTSActiveScriptTask_3")

     stpFinished.DisableStep = True



  • RE: Who updated it ???

    As Grasshopper says, there are tools out there to help your present need. Another is Log P.I. to be found at I have no experience of either...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)