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  • RE: char to datetime!

    I agree with the last two posts. I got it wrong cause I can't mind read.

    I can think of many examples where the cast is not implicit...

  • RE: Doubt on indexs

    I agree with Grant's last statement.

    There shouldn't be any look-ups if the index is covering all the columns in the sql statement. The quest is not clear enough in my...

  • RE: Query runs slow on machine with Core2 CPU than single processor machine.


    Are those estimated or actual plans?

    It's best to supply the actual plans.

    Could please also supply the graphical plans attached as .sqlplan in a zip file.


  • RE: Query tuning issue..

    I also see that perhaps we could build you some better indexes. As there are 10 bookmark lookups in the first query and bookmark lookups are normally very expensive.

    I also...

  • RE: Performance difference - with & without column in select list

    By looking at the execution plans.

    SQL has worked out that when you are not returning any columns from the accounts table. That this table is not actually need in the...

  • RE: Indexing Question...

    could you upload the actual execution plan for us as well?


    Please also give us the definitions of the current indexes on those tables.

  • RE: Help us tune a query

    Hi Mel,

    Was this section of code still needed?

    PointsCategory = ISNULL(NULL, PointsCategory)

    I thought it was decided that the catch -all approach would be performance problem and that perhaps calling a "Master"...

  • RE: Help us tune a query

    I had a feeling I should I have done some testing before opening my big mouth.

    Thanks for clearing that up for Gail, I must have missunderstood completely.


  • RE: Help us tune a query

    This might be sound stupid, I'm not sure if it makes a difference at all I might need to do some testing.

    but creating the clustered Index on #TopScores after the...

  • RE: Help us tune a query

    I agree with Jack.

    Also Mel could you post the latest copy of the solution , I've lost track of where you all got to.

  • RE: Index Planning

    Also I do really really recommend going through the index posts on Gail's blog. She is brilliant when it comes to perf tuning and indexes. I learn't a lot of...

  • RE: Index Planning

    I'm happy to try and help as best I can.

    Ok so the reason I select ID as the clustering key is because it seems to be used in all your...

  • RE: Index Planning

    if you remove the include from the index it will work for 2000, but then it would cover the full query for output fields

  • RE: Index Planning

    Hi ,

    Ok first thing is first. I would definitly try and rewrite all that code to fit the ansi standard. This is a very old style of writing SQL and...

  • RE: Index Planning

    Ok this is always a hard one.

    Some advice, I would try and key your Clustered index as narrow as possible.

    Also before just creating or changing indexes, have you identified the...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,081 total)