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  • RE: Insensitivity: A Good Technique?

    Steve JP (4/8/2013)

    If someone cant take any comment about their work then they and not the person passing comment ought to be on soft skill training.

    We should probably all...

  • RE: Insensitivity: A Good Technique?

    Thanks everyone for reading - and for the comments. For those that have had their emotions trampled, you're not alone - and I hope this discussion will help you build...

  • RE: Holidays and other Social Technologies

    Patrick found a spot in the article where the phrasing is bad. Instead of redefine, I should have said re-assert.

  • RE: Holidays and other Social Technologies

    GSquared (12/18/2012)

    Carse's concept of looking at life as a game isn't anything new. It's been a key part of Scientology.

    Thanks for the book citation. I'll have to look and...

  • RE: Holidays and other Social Technologies

    So, It's others that have put forward the notion that there are some bad consequences of computer tech sort of taking over the broad definition of technology.

    Neil Postman thinks it...

  • RE: Comparing Notes: Schema for Spreadsheet-like Application

    Out of interest, what is the business driver behind this?

    The idea is an intranet application to compare a large list of projects that we want to refactor to make more...

  • RE: Taking a Sabbatical

    What a magical word - sabbatical.

    That's what I'll call my upcoming paternity leave late March. Four weeks of much-needed time to welcome Dartanyan (or whatever his name will be) to...

  • RE: Your Boss Is Your Customer

    Andy: Great soft skill quick tip.

    Since we're wandering into psych territory, I'll note that a person keeping expectations of other people vague and concealed confers a tactical advantage -...

  • RE: Mind mapping software - How it can help the DBA

    Thanks for sharing.

    I've been interested in mind mapping for a while. I have a hard time finding other people at work or in my social circles who are at all...

  • RE: The Business - Part 2

    Fun topic. For me, 2011 is the year of "soft skills" - so this is on the radar.

    So it doesn't take long working in the tech arena to notice these...

  • RE: Can't add an Execute Package Task to the design surface

    GSquared, Koen - Thanks for your thoughts.

    In that thread Koen found, someone tried doing a double click instead of drag and drop on the Control Flow Item and found that...

  • RE: Queries for SSC Community Participation

    I think there's probably many people at who'd like to exercise some of their "cognitive surplus" with an article, but think that the good topics have been covered. Sometimes...

  • RE: Row Layout and Char vs. Varchar Tradeoffs

    Thanks Gail and Steve! I think that covers the table part of the equation.

    Per your references, the physical layout of a row is always fixed storage first and then variable...

  • RE: Query-generated Column Expressions

    Nick Chadwick (5/25/2010)


    An interesting article! I just thought I'd point out that:

    Thanks Nick! You put it nicely. It's very much the case here at SSC.COM that ones peers have enough...

  • RE: Query-generated Column Expressions

    Hey everyone. Not quite sure what happened, but the scripts in the article need a modification so they use a token for the column name: <column>.

    INSERT INTO #ExpressionToDataTypeAndNull


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 82 total)