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  • It is a lot easier to keep a customer, than to get a new one.

    Similar thing must be true for contributors.

    If every single person on the list just wrote one article more, the queue would be too long.

  • Really interesting article. Thanks.

    I like the comparison between traditional corporations and communities like SSC. I wonder how many corporations try to form communities within themselves to encourage the sharing of ideas on a variety of topics. I have worked for a number of corporations that encouraged employees to become a part of their larger community by participating in community projects, being active on things such as a school board, or volunteering for local causes. However I have only worked for one corporation that also encouraged the formation of internal communities (across departments) to foster communication and both personal and professional growth.

  • Thanks Bill. I think this is good stuff for the community. It is nice to see how the community is helping itself.

    Good job.

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  • when my kids get older i'll be contributing a lot more

  • I think there's probably many people at SSC.com who'd like to exercise some of their "cognitive surplus" with an article, but think that the good topics have been covered. Sometimes it's more about sharing your particular angle on something. I'd encourage you to give it a shot! The editorial staff are really helpful.

    Bill Nicolich: www.SQLFave.com.
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  • Great article, thanks!

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