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  • RE: Max DB Size for SQL Server Express

    Question didn't mentioned Express Edition in it !!!!,

    Checked the title only after got my answer wrong :(:w00t:

  • RE: Replication Problem?

    Check for Status column in MSSubscriptions table, it should be always value 2, any other than value 2 update it and check, the halted replication commands should start replicating to...

  • RE: Legal/illegal characters in table name

    Same Here.. +1

  • RE: Get User In Reporting Services

    Even I missed the first choice and felt later how easy that could have been!!!!;-)

    Thanks.. Andy.. Good One

  • RE: Outer Apply.

    It can. Apply used inappropriately can cause massive performance degradation.

    Oh... I messed it up... Yes you are right Apply will have a impact on performance.. Thaks for correcting me...

  • RE: Outer Apply.

    Look at the excecution plan and IO Results to check for any missing indexes and heavy CPU and memory joins,

    Changing joins will not impact the speed of query.

  • RE: Running Out Of Foreign Keys

    Thanks Andy for the question...

    I have a table with 30 foreign key reference attached to on which I am working on, with on an average 5 lac record being updated...

  • RE: Some Data Coming as NULL in a VIew


    the case condition for Measure_% is failling for the conditions applied, Add a Else section for the case where not a single condition matches True.


  • RE: The Results Tab

    The good one and part of our Daily routine... Still only 60% correct answers !!!


  • RE: Altering a table is taking lot of time


    Check the activitylog and check if any active transactions locking the table, 900 records is not at all a big table.

  • RE: Exporting SSRS reprot to Excel

    As SSRS Excel export will only export 65000 rows, take the results in different sheets inside single file, change below property

    In Row Group (On group with bigger data...

  • RE: Get min and max dates in ssrs if the field is null


    If From and To date is null then with what ref. you want the date to be shown Min and Max by default, There as to be some ref....

  • RE: String as a date format


    Try this from Sql Server

    select convert(varchar(10),convert(datetime, 'Sep 6 2013'),103)

  • RE: wildcards

    If you oversight the 11 Character (Binary Data truncated issue), otherwise good question to learn something new.

  • RE: How not to replicate certain delete statements

    You can implement Filter on the publications of tables, or disable log reader of Replication publications for the time being so the record deleted by your Stored procedure doesn't record...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 99 total)