Altering a table is taking lot of time

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    I have a table , having 900 records. I tried altering the table but it is taking decades to alter a table with just 900 records.

    The table was not having a PK, so i thought of adding a PK Constraint , but that query is also taking too long.

    Can anybody please help me to understand what is actually the problem over here.


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    Oops double post.

    Alex S
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    You may have another process accessing this table.

    Check and wait or kill







    t2.blocking_session_id, 'object name',

    o1.type_desc 'object descr',

    p1.partition_id 'partition id',

    p1.rows 'partition/page rows',

    a1.type_desc 'index descr',

    a1.container_id 'index/page container_id'

    FROM sys.dm_tran_locks as t1

    INNER JOIN sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks as t2

    ON t1.lock_owner_address = t2.resource_address

    LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.objects o1 on o1.object_id = t1.resource_associated_entity_id

    LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.partitions p1 on p1.hobt_id = t1.resource_associated_entity_id

    LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.allocation_units a1 on a1.allocation_unit_id = t1.resource_associated_entity_id

    Alex S
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    Check the activitylog and check if any active transactions locking the table, 900 records is not at all a big table.

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    Are you doing with GUI or commandline i.e. T-sql?

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    Sounds like it's probably blocking from other resources accessing the table. Otherwise, it shouldn't take that long at all.

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