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  • RE: Adding Slicers to a Reporting Services Report

    Excellent article well explained!

    I have a couple of performance-related comments and suggestions which may be of interest if consistent latency is paramount in your user-base.

    Never underestimate the effects of parameter-sniffing...

  • RE: Convert Row to Column without using any other column for Pivot

    I agree with Michael. This does not return the results as described. Furthermore, when TEXT contains NULL values, TEXT1 will be NULL. TEXT2 and TEXT3 will hold empty strings when...

  • RE: Indexing in views

    I supposed (incorrectly) that the ALTER VIEW would fail due to the addition of the non-determinitic column, CurrentDate, to the indexed view.

    Learned lots this morning! Nice question!

  • RE: IFF - 1

    L' Eomot Inversé (6/6/2013)

    michlimes (6/6/2013)

    default collation is choosen at installation process - so imo it could be CS_AS.

    You can override the installation defaults when doing the installation. Then you...

  • RE: Update with CASE statement

    manik123 (2/19/2013)

    nice question.... query will execute successfully..

    but Objective: Update all the M's to F and all F's to M. will not work...

    How so?

  • RE: Update with CASE statement

    Carlo Romagnano (2/19/2013)

    The update may fails with error, if the default collation is case sensitive.

    UPDATE GenderUpdate

    SET Gender = CASE WHEN GENDER = 'M' then 'F' ELSE 'M' END

    Carlo's onto...

  • RE: Halloween Protection

    GilaMonster (10/31/2012)

    Andrew Diniz (10/31/2012)

    After all, it is possible to observe 'Halloween Protection' in DELETE and INSERT plans too :hehe:

    No, the Halloween problem is exclusively for updates. You can't insert or...

  • RE: Halloween Protection

    Nice one! I came across this last year whilst studying for an exam.

    Shouldn't the options, CREATE, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT be checkboxes though as opposed to radio buttons?...

  • RE: Index Scan vs Index Seek

    GilaMonster (10/16/2012)

    The index is covering, so one seek operation to the start of the range and a partial scan is all that's necessary.

    It's not traversing the index 9.5 million times....

  • RE: Index Scan vs Index Seek

    While troubleshooting a poor performing query this morning I came across something which surprised me - actually, two things:

    1) one of the tables being queried defined no primary key or...

  • RE: Microsoft DB2 OLEDB Provider 4.0

    Did you check the FIX article I referenced above (;en-us;2717598)? At the top of page there's a large green hotspot titled 'Hotfix Download Available'.

    I can't say if...

  • RE: Print The Calender 2


    You can eliminate 7 evaluations from the vast majority of leap year candidates by simplifying and reordering the predicates:




  • RE: Print The Calender 2

    A calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to form or smooth a sheet of material (see

    Not sure how this relates to dates. :hehe:

  • RE: Views and Dependencies

    Peter H (7/10/2012)

    For those who are looking for an easier way out, I put together this sql that (hopefully) will identify the views that are older than the last table...

  • RE: Views and Dependencies

    It occurs to me that our organization and developers need a better method to monitor modifications on specific objects, either DDL or DML, when then might affect "custom" or "one...

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