Microsoft DB2 OLEDB Provider 4.0

  • Has anyone managed to connect to DB2/AS400 using the new version (4.0) of Microsoft's DB2 OLEDB provider?

    I had the version 3.0 provider working fine. Using the same connection properties in the version 4.0 provider yields the following error when testing the connection at design time:

    The connection failed because of an error initializing the provider. - The host resource could not be found. Check that the Initial Catalog value matches the host resource name.

    I've checked the host resource name and it's correct (and works with the version 3.0 provider).

    To isolate my version of SQL from the symptom, I have also tried making the connection using Microsoft's Data Access Tool (which ships with the new provider) and get the same result.

    I'm running this on Windows 7 SP1 x64 and have all the pre-requisite software installed:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)


  • For those who encounter this in the future, a hotfix is available from Microsoft which addresses the connectivity issue. I have tested it and it works.

    See FIX article;en-us;2717598. While the symptom described doesn't mention the error message I encountered, the root cause is the same.

    NOTE that you don't need to be running Host Integration Services; the hotfix applies to both Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 and Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 4.0 (expand Applies To section).

  • I saw your post and wanted to ask where would I download the latest version?

    I tried the link above with no luck - attempted a few google searches. The results lead me to a "page missing" from Microsoft. Their 2012 document DB2OLEDBV4.PDF instructs to download to:

    Leads to same spot with no download.


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  • Did you check the FIX article I referenced above (;en-us;2717598)? At the top of page there's a large green hotspot titled 'Hotfix Download Available'.

    I can't say if this is the latest version but it certainly addresses the issue I had. Note that the downloadable hotfix is a re-release of the OLE DB Provider for DB2 v4.0 so you are advised to remove your existing installation before installing the hotfixed version.

  • Great thanks Andrew!

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  • Thank you so much ! I spent so many hours on it.

    It is working now ! 🙂

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