You just might be a DBA if.....

  • ***sswords - not starting a new thread but thought this is a good time to reinstate an old classic***

    You see a poster on a truck with IAMS and you think - HUH ?!?!?! Is there no escaping Microsoft!!!...

    and then you see the rest of the advertisement...

    **ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI !!!**

  • ......Users come to you with a "How do I change this in this application" query and you delve into the database with Enterprise manager to find the table and field and edit it there.


    ....the boss says "Since you are SQL Server dba can you take over Sybase DBA too??"

  have a set of SQL scripts ready to hand to do the required actions when yet another new server is installed and the fine details and backup and optimisation jobs have to be set up.

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