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  • He is in a tough spot, but thats the life of an editor! He's luckier than most to now be insulated from the pressures of advertisers. That said, I agree with David, it's hard to win.

    If it were me (and it's not!), I think just publishing some guidelines would help show and prove that all was fair, for example:

    • Reviews have to be labeled clearly as reviews, and require them to provide a balanced look. In other words, most products should have a negative or two. The alternative is to publish 'product intro's that just do gee whiz walk through. Both can have value, but its important that the community see what is being done.
    • Publish no review of a RG product unless a competiting product has already been reviewed. This is a bit unfair to RG, but errs on the side of caution and fairness.
    • Absolutely disclose if the author has a relationship with RG . For example, I'm still listed in their Friends of Program so I can get their software free and absolutely that can have a subtle biasing affect.

    Those might not be perfect, but the idea is to write the rules and stick to them. I'd challenge anyone unhappy with what Steve does to look at it from his perspective as an editor and make suggestions that would help address the problem and serve the community while remembering that RG is bearing the cost of the site plus his salary. Steve's been my friend and business partner for a long time now and I promise you that he is trying to do the best he can to be fair to everyone.


  • Pressing TAB replaces * with a comma delimited listing of all the column names. The second way to load columns the Column Picker - provides considerably more say in the selection process. By pressing the CTRL+LEFT keys instead of TAB the following window pops up.

    I was going crazy today trying to figure out how to make this work.  I finally looked really closely at the picture and saw that I had to get rid of the "*" and bring up the selection dialog.

    I really like red-gate products.  Version 3 of SQL Prompt is so much better than version 2 was (the version they bought) - I can't wait to see what version 3.5 has.  My biggest request is that when I re-size the dialog window that pops-up - it stays that size for all my query windows and remembers it for the next time.

    Or better -give me an option to set that says - remember size.



    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

  • Reality is sites like this have real people that need to make a living behind them.

    Furthermore, as a professional, having someone outline such a product doesn't take away any time from my day if I were to read about a product I would buy or suggest my organization to buy to make life easier for developers. I can clearly scan an article like this in a minute or two and decide if I want to read the article.

    And if your a regualar here, you know the relationship between this site and Red Gate.

    Why the angst?

    Thanks Steve. I'm going to check out this product if there is a demo and see if it does help me write code faster.

  • A bit disappointed in the commercialism used in the article... while the tool is powerful, it does not teach how to write SQL fast... and writing SQL fast is normally diametrically opposed to writing fast SQL. :

    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.

    Change is inevitable... Change for the better is not.

    Helpful Links:
    How to post code problems
    How to Post Performance Problems
    Create a Tally Function (fnTally)

  • Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way.

    I should like to suggest that Red-Gate make a sample application available to SSC members with the precise intention of getting SSC members to review it en-masse.

    This would give them valuable product feedback and potential market-leading ideas for future versions.

    This would mean that SSC members would, in effect, be part of the development process so the product would be more collaborative.

  • OK David, time to put your money where your mouth is.

    Just kidding, but at the risk of stirring up more controversy, we would appreciate your feedback on SQL Prompt 3.5 of which we've now made a release candidate available:


    I've posted more information at


    and this is pretty much duplicated on my blog... not that I'm much of a blogger to be honest, however I will be posting up some more detailed information on what's new in SQL Prompt 3.5 later this afternoon, which you'll find here:




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