What's been your most favorite/fun project you've worked on?

  • I'm looking for something fun to make. I love learning about all the intricacies of programming and how something was made like RCT2 or small programs that made you money without knowing it would.

    What's coolest thing you've programmed?

  • No money from it, but I built a database and an application that stored information about the location of veterans grave sites. This was then used by the Veterans of Foreign Wars every Memorial Day to place the markers. It was also available for people to look up that information for research purposes. All part of a series of Eagle Scout projects the boys in the troop were putting on. Pretty proud of that one.

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  • One of my favorites was a project I did earlier in my career. What made it special was that I was learning as I went along and was given the freedom to experiment and time to make it right. There was not the pressure of expectations a seasoned veteran would have. This project showed me the things I had potential in, things I was not even aware of and thus was a real confidence booster. Things seemed to be funner to create back then.


  • A part of the reason why I love my job is... they're all fun!  My "favorite" was figuring out a way to display the page density of indexes as a scatter chart.  I call it IndexDNA™ and I've used it to destroy the decades old myths of Random GUID fragmentation and lay waste to the equally old, supposedly bet practice of what people have been calling "Best Practices" for Index Maintenance.  It was also great fun to wrap it up into a few presentations.  Here are a couple of examples from one of the presentations I gave.

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  • My favorite project was converting our alumni/fundraising database system from a third-party mainframe product to a third-part SQL Server product.  It was my first exposure to SQL Server.  I wasn't expected to know the ins and outs of the database system, but it did give me exposure and allow me to explore.  I liked it so much, that I jumped at the opportunity to do it for another non-profit.

    Both database systems had active user communities, and it was great to be involved with them.  That's one of the things that I miss most about no longer being at those positions.


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