What's a Toaster?

  • I'm not sure I agree - Actual toasters aren't all the same... they have the same core function, but do it in different ways - some cook fast, some slow. Some even, some patchy. Some look cool while they're doing it, some look like they were built in the stone age.

    As with Word and its nice easy to use features, you gravitate towards the best or the one you're used to. But you could still end up with the same result (be that a piece of toast or a letter) from any of the tools.

  • I love Notepad++. Notepad is ok when it is all that is available, but Notepad++ is like having a 4 slice toaster.


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  • Totally! Although I was asked to uninstall it at work... counter productive me thinks but there we go.

  • Definitely Total commander:w00t: and Ultra edit

  • UltraEdit is our toaster.

    Works well enough that we don't see any reason to try Notepad++ or anything else in order to deal with HUGE files.

  • E-mail. I don't care if I check my mail via outlook, live, server, droid phone. All the same to you? All the same to me.


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  • I have to add my vote to Notepad++ as my favorite "toaster". Other ones that come to mind are Nero, Winzip, Media Player, and, character map. All of these work for me in the way that I use them and have never been burned by them. Although, Nero does "burn".

  • ClipMate 7.3 clipboard extender is my toaster. It saves my clips automatically so I can go back to the bit I copied 3 clips ago. I will also "explode" a single clip, say a list of words, into individual fragments that I can paste separately and viceversa. It also has a "safe" where I put frequently used clips: my name, names of servers etc.

    I also like EditPlus 3 editor.


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  • Interesting to see what people use here. I've used some of this stuff, and I'd agree that external hard drives and flash drives are there for me. I grab the best priced ones when I need one, not worrying about brand.

    No has said laptop, so I assume that most of you think about what you spend your $$$ on when you get one. Perhaps a netbook was one for me. I tried keyboards and then grabbed one, not really worried about brand or specs too much since they were all too similar/

    I think majorbloodnock has an interesting point. What thing is not worth worrying about. So it's more a "type" of thing. I use Password Safe as my default, but I think that all password safe-type utilities do the job. If I went to a new job where someone wanted to use KeySafe or something else, I would. It's a toaster, it just works.

    The online mail services, or even online disk drives are like that for me as well. One works as well as the other. I use Live Mesh and GMail, but for no particular reason. I could easily switch to something Hotmail and XDrive. I just need that service.

  • Anyone's toaster is that which they have sufficiently relaxed requirements about in comparison with the popular products on the market that the popular products don't have any differentiation that is significant to that person.

    Flash drives: There is a tremendous difference in speed between them, even before onboard encryption comes into the mix.

    Editors: Each major editor has one or more things that it does significantly better than the others. Also, definitions of "huge" files vary from tens of megabytes to tens of gigabytes (or tens of thousands of pages to millions of pages).

    Databases: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and SQL Server are six of one, half dozen of another... until you have certain needs or desires, then one or more can be completely unsuitable.

    Compression utilities: note that the most modern WinZip has options that create archives incompatible with most other products. Each have benefits over the others, and disadvantages compared to the others.

  • I would have to concur that thumb drives are my toasters.

    Oh, and CTRL+Z. Man's best friend and lifesaver.

  • In addition to utilities already mentioned, I use good ole WinDiff a lot. Just Googled Total Commander.


  • I vote for external storage. hard drives, thumb drives, even cloud drives. They're all the same. You plug 'em in and they (should) work. No voodoo science, shaking chicken bones, or definitely no mount/dismount arcanum.

    My second choice would be email. I use Outlook on the desktop, web-based email, whatever -- it all just shows me the emails like it should. Some bells and whistles based on what you are using, but quite honestly, I can get by with Gmail, yahoo, or hotmail.

  • I'll go with flash drives and e-mail clients as my toasters. I don't care which one I use, so long as it gets the job done.

    Same for online e-mail. I have hotmail accounts and gmail accounts, and the differences are microscopic.

    I've used multiple laptops for work (I don't own one personally), and haven't found any differences that have mattered to me.

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  • Nadrek (2/5/2010)

    Flash drives: There is a tremendous difference in speed between them, even before onboard encryption comes into the mix.

    Did you read the article about encrypted drives, that most of them are essentially open?

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