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  • So here I am answering a few forum posts and reading some articles that I didn't find time for during the week...

    I was just wondering how many other people are using this or other sites on a weekend....or maybe even remoting into the office and doing a bit more (I'm not quite going that far this weekend!).

  • You are not alone... it's in our blood and nature to do all the things you mentioned.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Well, since I forgot about Database Weekly, I am :w00t:

  • Ever since I started working from home I've found that weekends don't mean quite as much. It matters to no one whether I work on Wednesday and go shopping and to the library on Saturday or go shopping and to the library on Wednesday and work on Saturday.

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  • I'm not logged in from home, putting in extra time, working on extra projects and especially I'm not cruising the boards at SSC... CRAP!

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  • I'm using it over the weekend also, and sometimes happens that I'm reading SSC articles in an early Sunday hours (like 3 AM).

    This just proves that "I have no life" :crazy: :alien:

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  • As DBAs we generally have 'different' working hours. Lots of nights and weekends - especially for 'production support DBAs. So why would you find it 'odd' to be on SSC at night or on the weekend or both ?

    I get Some of the best information from SSC on week nights after 11:00 PM, weekends all throughout the night. Sunday mornings are my 'special' time for Database Weekly.

    This is in addition to my 'normal' weekday 'daytime' hours.

    Oh, I reside in the US in the Central Time Zone.

    RegardsRudy KomacsarSenior Database Administrator"Ave Caesar! - Morituri te salutamus."

  • I know I do, I'm always trying to learn something new. And even as much as I post solutions to other people's questions, I still get a lot out of other positions offered.


  • I'm quite usually more busy on the weekends than during the week. So I don't often get to hit SSC on the weekend.

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  • Nice! Glad I'm not alone...It's a bit quieter on the weekends, but its cool to catch up on the articles...

    I will say though that when my wife catches me typing away, she generally asks...."Are you geeking again?!".

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