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    So a dev has created a web app connecting into one of my dbs with a connectionString hardcoded into the web.config.  We're using a sql login.

    He has left.  I want to harden it if possible.  Can I create a dsn & reference this instead?  Or is there something else I could do to secure this a little better?

    Apologies if my question is a bit noob.  This isn't really my area but I want to sort it.


  • Sean Lange

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    The web.config is probably the ideal location for connection info. It does not require a recompile to change. Using a machine DSN is probably the last way you should be connecting to a database anymore. What is the concern with having the connection information in the web.config?


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    If the web application is secured properly, then that web.config file is secure from outsiders, but it can be visible to many inside the organization. For one thing, the developers may check the web.config into source control (Git, TFS, etc.) along with the project files.

    Google the following for options on how to encrypt the connection string properties.

    web.config encrypted connection


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  • Chris Harshman


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    The most secure thing to do would be set up this system to connect to the database using a Windows authenticated login (active directory account) instead of a SQL authenticated login.  If you are unable to do that, you can encrypt the entry in the config file.



  • snomadj

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    Thanks all.  Appreciate the responses.  The issue I have is with visibility of the file to more people than I would like.  I hear you saying it can be useful for admins / dev but the dir containing the web.config is currently read shared with [Everyone].  When I remove [Everyone] from the share, leaving just admins & the svcAccount, the users get authentication errors.

    It's a bit more complex that I had hoped.  I guess I need to get back to basics, understand how the authentication is happening, which files actually need to be shared with who & go from there.

    Appreciate the idea for encryption.  And the key words to search.  Sometimes when I'm new to a topic half the battle is knowing what to google!

    I'll get reading.

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