We need to move beyond SQL Server...

  • I think we should have a discussion about topic.

    First, the future is more data. SQL Server is just one place it is put. We need reflect the needs of our customers and prospective clients.

    How do we get there?

    We do SQL Server now and add others annually. Postgres, MySQL, Oracle and Vertica have strong futures. This allows us, as data professionals, to bring in new people and build richer networks with all these types which is better for our clients. The new motto should be "We solve data platform problems"

    Second, Unicode needs to take a higher position in whatever we do.

    Third, we need some type of credentialing/badging system in whatever we do.

    Fourth, can we start with On24 sessions? I know Redgate but I don't really know all your people and products. I don't mind having warm-up sessions to understand  Redgate. I guess if your business doesn't grow, then this community definitely won't exist, right?

    Honestly, I would rather have one big event annually somewhere that's a week than weekends of lectures. Webinars work for me but I want more access to skills building & problem activities.



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  • oracle? i remember reading here about why i would avoid oracle as a customer


  • residentx wrote:

    ...but I want more access to skills building & problem activities.

    So start studying and answering forum questions.  You won't find more real world problems anywhere else.

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  • No arguments here. Just as many business are hybrid when it comes to the cloud, many are hosting multiple data platforms. I've been learning (relearning to a degree) some Oracle lately. I spent a chunk of the last year working on getting the basics of PostgreSQL down. I've also been looking at little at MongoDB so I have a non-relational system under my belt.

    And, I think the various community activities have been reflecting these realities for a while. Maybe we just need to make them more explicit in some way.

    Just as an example, at the last PASS Summit (double meaning intended), I did a session on AWS Developer Tools to automate deployments to PostgreSQL. At PASS Summit. There were lots of others too. However, lots of people still see it as ONLY a SQL Server event. How to communicate that it's not? I don't have a good answer.

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