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  • I used all my sick days so I called in dead.

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  • skeleton567 wrote:

    I used all my sick days so I called in dead.

    Heh... I love that old joke.  It's interesting to me that many of the companies that I've worked for, don't roll-off sick days... just vacation days.  I've got nearly a year of sick time saved up, according to our time-accounting system.

    It's also interesting that most companies that I know of have time-card systems that won't let you submit a time-sheet with less than 40 hours even though you may have worked 16 hour days for the last two week on a special project.

    And, as a bit of a side bar, I'm still fascinated that a lot of time tracking systems still want durations in 15 minute intervals.  Don't they know what computers can actually do?

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