• Hugo Kornelis (9/25/2012)

    A good question; thanks!

    However, I did find myself staring at the wording for a bit before answering - and hoping that my interpretation was the correct one. The term "failing" can be ambiguous. Some people might argue that "failing" also includes running without error but not rolling back changes on a rollback. And I even considered the possibility that the question was phrased by a non-native speaker who intended to ask which code fragments would have a permanent effect (e.g. the rollback would not affect the DDL statement).

    Maybe a better way to phrase this would have been to ask "which fragments run without generating an error".

    PS: The above is not meant to criticize, but to help Lokesh and other question authors think about possible ambiguity when submitting future QotD's.


  • Good question...

  • Good question.

    Nice blg entry too, apart from "BACKUP/BACKUP" instead of "BACKUP/RESTORE".


  • DugyC (9/25/2012)

    Gaarrr!!! :angry:

    Even though I knew the answer was "Success, Fail, Success" for some dumb @ss reason I clicked the inversion and selected "Fail, Success, Fail" aaaaargh!!


    I also have had bouts of dyslexia, especially before the first coffee cup. 😀

  • Loved the question! :w00t:

    Best regards,

    Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Database Analyst

  • A really nice question. Thanks, Lokesh!

  • Great question. Didn't know some DDL could/couldn't be used within a transaction. Good to learn something new. Thank you, Lokesh.

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  • L' Eomot Inversé (9/25/2012)

    Good question.

    Nice blg entry too, apart from "BACKUP/BACKUP" instead of "BACKUP/RESTORE".

    Thanks Tom!

    I have updated the blog now 🙂

    ~ Lokesh Vij

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  • L' Eomot Inversé (9/25/2012)

    Good question.

    Nice blg entry too, apart from "BACKUP/BACKUP" instead of "BACKUP/RESTORE".


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  • I also mused over the interpretation of 'success' before choosing my answer, and selected the wrong interpretation (I thought 'success' meant successfully rolling back.)

    However I also got it wrong on another point so no harm done :o)

    -------------------------------Oh no!

  • Nice question

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