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  • I think this goes back to an earlier editorial you had this week. There's so much push to get the new stuff out that there's no time to fix the bugs from the last rushed product release. Sure they do cumulative patches but they don't want to take the time to fully test so that everything can be bundled for an SP.

    I work for a healthcare supplier... I know if we were putting out product that was rushed and constantly having problems we wouldn't be in business very long.

    I want a product that I can depend on... probably to much to ask of Bill!

  • Do I want SQL Server 2005 SP3? Absolutely! We have a policy in place of keeping all our SQL servers on the same SP as much as possible. Other patches are installed only as needed, so our servers are slowly drifting away from our "standard" build. Service Packs represent the level of testing required for us to install with some confidence (or at least no disclaimer from MS)

    Ross Hamilton

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I used to read on the microsoft site that they recommand only installing SP on production server, not cumulative updates.

    They are available only for critical issues when someone isn't able to live without it while waiting for it in the next SP.

    Therefore, based on Microsoft recommendations, I'm eagerly awaiting any new service pack for any SQL Server. And I do agree that for each end of line product a Service Pack should be available to "officialy" finalize a version.

    That was my 2 cents

  • Oh and one last thing

    SP are regresive tested while cumulative updates not.

    This matter a lot to me

  • One more here asking for SP3 and SP5. And while you're at it where's SP3 for WinXP that MS has been talking about for the past couple of years would be nice as well. Yeah, yeah I know they released a RC but where's the final? The RC's been out for months now!

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  • I want a SP3 for SQL 2005! I had to use hotfixes for SP2 for SSIS

  • I want SP3 for SQL 2005. Microsoft should not only add up all the fixes after SP2 but also try to test the whole product against all the options of all the features. Still many items seem to work funnily in some scenarios.

  • I think SQL Server 2005 was released prematurely. Some obvious features didn't work right away. One of many examples: Linked Servers, did not display the tables.

    After SP2, I have had to to install several other hot fixes, which makes me nervous because of the disclaimer.

    In my mind, Microsoft's Stance is SQL Server 2008 is SQL Server 2005's SP3!!!

  • Absolutely we need SQL 2000 SP5 & SQL 2005 SP3!

    I don't see why customer need should be the driving reason. If you've fixed any significant number of bugs we should get at least a 6 month rollup. Just because I haven't gone hunting for all the hotfixes doesn't mean I don't see the quirks, I just live with them.

  • I agree totally on getting the SQL 2005 service pack 3 out. I do hope it is tested properly, but I would be surprised. I have several new database servers coming this year and it would be nice to install SP3 and be done with it for installation.

    It would be nice to see Microsoft send off SQL 2000 with a last service pack.

  • I want SP5 for SQL2000 and SP3 for SQL2005!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well Steve I think you can send MSFT the link to this forum so they can see that the users do want SP3. To be fair, I'll also note that the fact that they have not had a new SP in 12 months does say something for the reliability of SP2. Of course like others here there are some quirks that pop up every now and then that may be fixed in a CU. But unless I'm 100% certain that my problem is in a CU I'm not going to download it. In fact I can't just download the CU, I need to prove to support that I have a problem before they will let me get the CU anyway.

  • Of course I want SP3 for 2005. There have been way too many HF released and they need to be rolled up into a SP.


  • I guess my feelings are that there should be a Service Pack created every year, provided there is more then one update since the last service pack.

    There is nothing more annoying then having to spend the time to apply a Service Pack and then have to chase down cumulative updates or hot fixes for the rest of the day.

    So there should definately be a SP3, even if there are no new features to add.

    As for SP5, wouldn't it be nice if MS would produce all the updates into a final SP at the end of the lifecycle.

  • My answer to the poll is YES. We want the SP3 for SQL Server 2005. We shouldn't need to ask Microsoft for this. They should be release periodically every year.

    We also want SP5 for SQL Server 2000. This should of been release a long time ago! What are they waiting for?

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