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  • Sure hope for some good news!!

    Kevin G. Boles
    SQL Server Consultant
    SQL MVP 2007-2012
    TheSQLGuru on googles mail service

  • That's great!

    Er... is "ask" a noun now? Is "request" being discontinued? 😉

  • Hi

    I am late to join this campaign. But definitely there is an requirement for SP3. Thanks the SQLServer community for doing lot of good work. A special thanks to Hugo.



  • YES! I am tired of picking and choosing hotfixes that are recommended to wait for a service patch that isnt here( and may not come). Just release a full Patch and save us DBA's from so much extra work looking for fixes, researching if that will solve this or that issue, downloading them one at a time, and testing one at a time.

  • I have to agree with Steve here. We are managing literally hundreds of SQL Server 2005 instances in this environment. With 6 cumulative updates since SP2, its next to impossible to manage that across all of these environments.

    In addition, when we build out our "gold" build for SQL Server in our lab, we prefer to install the latest service pack for testing. Now, I suppose you could install SP2 then the cumulative update 6, however its just easier to have a single service pack to install that covers the whole thing.

    However if its an issue of timing and resources on the Microsoft side, with the SQL team busily working on SQL2008, I don't want them to rush a SP to market because the community is jumping up and down for one. The worst thing that could happen is that SP3 isn't properly tested, and contains a bunch of issues that could bite you in the rear end.

  • Service Pack 3 is needed - please deliver!

    Lee Everest


    SQL Rx

    Dallas, TX

  • Read from blog,

    with title.. SQL Server 2005 SP3 - coming soon

    Published 15 April 08 05:00 PM

    how true is it? It should a good news for SQL 2005 user right? :>



  • Great news! Congratulations to Steve for his efforts; public demand worked!

  • Thanks, but it was all of you voting.

    This was announced yesterday at the MVP summit.

  • WOW, Thanks Steve ... You and your team is working great !!!!! Bravo .... :hehe:

  • I hope SP3 addresses the problems with the Import utilities. Import/Export was so easy in 2000. No I have to go through all kinds of gyrations just to try to copy data from one environment to another that has primary/foreign key relationships. I really miss the old DTS also!!!

  • Almost September now & Francois Ajenstat must be OUT-OF-SERVICE

    Shame on MS for holding us hostage as we cannot even get the Cummulative 7 updates without opening a case.

    Really disgusted.:sick:

  • Michael,

    Not sure what's wrong. I've had no issues getting cumulative updates up to and including 7.

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