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  • I'd like to wear "The Stig" - a white racing suit and white racing helmet - because without many words I make things work faster (again).

  • It'll have to be a cowboy outfit.

    On two occasions I have been asked, "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" ... I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.
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  • Right now it would be the Invisible Man - I would rather not be there 🙁

  • Morticia Adams.  Dark, mysterious, and always smart in dress and wit!

  • My project manager  is a "time vampire" - I seem to be doctor who and do tricks with making time go backwards - but I think they call me "Dr No" (bond villain) behind my back 🙂


  • ps - urban dictionary of time vampire

    A person who finds creative ways to needlessly waste his/her friends time. Normally done during working hours, and involves elaborate, tedious and often ambiguous messages or tasks that need to be deciphered. 10 out of 10 times, it turns out to be utter nonsense.


  • Hey, good morning to you all.  Sitting here in bed drinking coffee, I'm thinking maybe for my costume I'll dress up like I'm going to work!

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    One of the best days of my IT career was the day I told my boss if the problem was so simple he should go fix it himself.

  • We don't typically dress up, but I've always been tempted for Halloween to go in to work dressed like a classic IBM technician.  White shirt, black pants, black shoes, black tie, pocket protector (maybe even track down a slide rule,) slick back the hair (have to let it grow longer though.)  Stays within the dress code but somewhat recognizable.

    If it were any other sort of character, maybe Gordon Freeman from the Half Life game.  Quiet, stoic, but drops in and fixes problems no one else can solve (often with percussive maintenance)

  • PIRATE!!!!

    Except Alice says no.

    ----------------------------------------------------The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood... Theodore RooseveltThe Scary DBAAuthor of: SQL Server 2017 Query Performance Tuning, 5th Edition and SQL Server Execution Plans, 3rd EditionProduct Evangelist for Red Gate Software

  • Jasona, I remember that on my first job as a developer trainee, all of us in a group of developers at Bendix Corp wore dress shirts and ties.  There were seven of us in two large cubicles and those were not costumes but normal dress for work there.

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    One of the best days of my IT career was the day I told my boss if the problem was so simple he should go fix it himself.

  • One place where I worked was business casual. I tried to recruit the team members to dress up as the "Men in Black", with a black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie, and blacked out sunglasses; but nobody wanted to wear a tie. I was the only one that did.

    Today, my manager came as the hurricane "cone of uncertainty". He had a nametag of Dorian and wearing a sash that said "Missed Alabama". I told him that he should write the hashtag #SharpiePresident on his sleeve.

  • I have a friend that, while he does not dress for Halloween, he makes sure that all the kids in his neighborhood (both big and small) are taken care of.  He lives in a nice residential area, with lots of kids and parents who Trick or Treat.

    Alongside candy for the little ones, he has a supply of airplane bottle-sized liquor.  As parents send their kids up to his door for candy, he coaxes the adults up and surprises them with a bottle or two.  Well, "surprise" is probably not an accurate term now as he's been doing this for years, and hands out hundreds of bottles each year.

  • If I were going to dress up for Halloween, I'd wear a black hoodie with one of those white "Guy Fawkes" style hacker masks. As a prop, I'd carry around a server rackmount case and then lurk around in the office stairwell to spook the night shift support staff arriving for work.

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  • an ex  colleague of mine used to turn up in knee length shorts, Hawaiian shirt, flip flops and a lot of "bling" -

    the directors put out an email about dress code (no shorts, no tshirts, no jeans and appropriate footwear).. he turned up in a crop  top, skirt and high heels (appropriate to the outfit) just in protest. all of it was in the rules (until the day after)


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