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  • Very good question. I never knew that there is this restriction in tempdb. Learnt something today. Thanks.


  • Ah, a good precise question that doesn't require me to parse a T-SQL batch in my head. Nice.

  • Nice straight forward question. Thanks.

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  • Nice question. Thanks.

  • Lovely!

  • Thank you - good to review the basics.

  • Thanks for the QOTD.

  • Nice question.

  • Good question - thanks

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  • doh!

    must. read. the. question. properly.


  • Thanks for the question.

    But ,i think, the question must be more precise - "How many data filegroups are allowed for tempDB data"

    The article on technet (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc966545.aspx) explains us

    tempdb supports only one data filegroup and one log filegroup.

  • very good question!!!!

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  • Nice question. Just the right amount of difficulty for my morning starter. Thanks.

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  • SQL Kiwi (9/28/2011)

    Ah, a good precise question that doesn't require me to parse a T-SQL batch in my head. Nice.


    Agree. Easy and straightforward question that shows an important limitation of SQL Server.

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