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  • I'll kick off. I'm home alone for 5 weeks as the fam is off to warmer climes.

    I'm hoping for a week of cycling some place but haven't booked it yet. Maybe a sailing trip to the Channel Islands.

    What I have definitely got lined up are trips to Kraftwerk 3D at Bluedot (yay!) they don't play often I'm super hyped. Then a long weekend at the awesome Green Man Festival in August - seeing my one of my favourite bands Stereolab for the second time this year as well as many others such as Sharon Von Etten, John Talabot, Fourtet and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Can't wait!

  • I'll be spending some time at the back of the house in my hammock reading Ulysses S Grant's autobiography - a christmas gift that has remained untouched for some months now. Anyways, now it's opened, it's proved very rewarding already. This great mans candor will be sure to provide many happy summer days ahead!

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  • I really like taking July 5th off. People tend to set off fireworks until past midnight, in my neighborhood. So, being of any use at work the day after the Fourth is out of the question. And this year is doubly nice, as July 5th is a Friday. 🙂

    Today we intend to see the latest Spiderman movie at Flixbrewshouse. I've really come to enjoy going there for a movie and dining out. It's a fun and relaxing experience. Its nice to have a meal served you while watching a movie, in comfortable chairs. I highly recommend it.



  • Enjoy the movie. I hope we'll go see it as well. No fireworks for us, but we did lightly hike and go to the mountains for the weekend. Working today, but a nice office view.


  • Took a 4-day trip to Holland, Michigan with my mom.  2 drive days + 2 full days.

    Summer movie series at the beautiful Ohio Theater.  Only $3 a ticket with a strip of 10 tickets (otherwise $5) in a gorgeous setting.  So far, I've seen Casablanca, Back to the Future, The Music Man.  Coming up next is Snow White.   Planning on seeing a few more after that.

    Taking my mom to the Ohio History Village tomorrow for Patriotic Day.

    Wednesday night was Red-White-and-Boom!

  • Ah, awesome office view!!

    The movie was very good. Lots of twists, which surprised me. I've been wondering how Disney/Marvel will carry the story forward after Avengers: Endgame; now I know.


  • Don't forget, for half the globe (if not half of your subscribers!), it's currently the middle of winter 🙂

  • I am aware of that now, having gone from 15-20C temps in May in Colorado to 4-15C in ANZ in June. I have an appreciation for time and weather down under now.

    My context is the Northern Hemisphere, which actually is the vast majority of subscribers. While ANZ make up a nice portion, the rest of the Southern Hemisphere is a tiny fraction of subscribers.

  • A week from now we are heading from Connecticut to Amish Country in Pennsylvania for a dance competition for our youngest daughter.  After the competition we are driving south to North Carolina to my brother's home. Our daughter will spend two weeks there; my wife and I will head back to Connecticut maybe taking two days for the trip.  The first weekend in August I will fly to NC to fly home with my daughter after spending the weekend.

    Mid-August I am likely driving my oldest to Florida.  She is transferring to FSU after a successful first year at UConn Storrs.   She doesn't like the 'cow country' around Storrs and has wanted to leave the state for a while.

    I am really looking forward my wife's and mine 20th anniversary this November.  We are headed to Quebec for about a half week.

  • Quite a set of trips. For me, we've planned a camping trip with horses to South Dakota, riding the Custer area. We also take my daughter to university in Aug, but a flight for us. A little too long to drive.


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