Stairway to T-SQL Part 2: Beyond T-SQL Basics: Level 1: The TOP Clause

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    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • First of all, this is a great article, especially for newer folks to SQL. Now, I've noticed that these queries take quite a few minutes to run. Is this normal? I've been working with SQL for about 2 years now and haven't seen half of what you showed used anywhere else.

    Once again, great article:-)

  • If you are running the samples queries in the article on your server and they are taking a long time then something else is going on. The queries in the article all should run very quick, and not take minutes to run.

    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • Gregory,

    You are correct, I tried running these on another server and the queries ran quickly. We are currently modifying/rebuilding our indexes and I believe that was causing these queries to run lot slower than they should.

    Thx again:-)

  • Well done. Great article!

  • Well done. I much appreciated the review questions at the bottom. I would like to see review questions as a standard for the Stairway and other technical articles.

  • Nice article Greg.

  • Greg, if you can edit this, can you change




    where you just mean the plural, please?

  • I think in one place, the word PRECENT is mispelling PERCENT. Otherwise, solid informative article.

  • Thank you so much for this very valuable and helpful article!

  • Great article. Thank you for your efforts.

    - Les

  • Good solid info, thanks.

  • Hello everyone, starting this tutorial I got to the exercises outlining the need for AdventureWorks. Which version of adventure works is it? I've tried 08, 12, and 16 and none of them contain the EmployeeID column that I need to complete the exercise,


  • If you did not start here then you probably started in the wrong place. If you start with the article I linked to, there's code for creating and populating the table he uses in the article.

  • I'm sorry, i posted onto the wrong forum 🙂

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