Stairway to DAX and Power BI - Level 12: Function / Iterator Function Pairs: The DAX CountA() and CountAX() Functions

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  • Hi,
    I got this today and it looks like what I need, but when I went back to the beginning of the series I see that it was written 6 or so years ago and talks about SQL 2008R2.
    Would there be much of an issue trying to follow along with new versions of SQL?

  • Not really. As a matter of fact, you don't need SQL Server at all to do any of this - as long as the data is already in Excel. The only reason you may need SQL Server here is that I think the author gets his data from a SQL Server database... other than that, SQL Server is at best tangential to the whole thing.

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    I received a link to this article from via email this morning.  The URLs provided for the .pbix demo file don't work for me (404 Page not found), in Chrome or in IE.  I'm sure they were active when this article was originally published however, I was not seeking Power BI information at that time.

    If there is a new/different URL from which this file can be downloaded, please advise.  Thanks!

  • If the column contains an expression that evaluates to an empty string, the COUNTAX function treats that result as non blank krogerfeedback.

  • Ever hear of a working download link?

  • Download link(s) do not work.  This content was just republished so the links should be checked.  Otherwise, why re-issue the content?

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