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  • Hi,

    Pls can any one help me , where exactly the changes made in SSRS config manager is getting saved?I cannot see these changes in the reportserverDb or in config file.

    eg change- I am making a data source change from embedded to shared data source for one of the report.After this change, the changes are visible in config manager GUI.But if I again download and open the report in XML, it still shows the old embedded data source in the XML.

    So I am thinking its getting stored somewhere else and during execution, it uses the value stored in that place.Pls can any one help me where exactly these changes are stored.

    thank you


  • I believe it is in the DataSource table.  The ItemId column references the Catalog(ItemId) column and the Link column also references the Catalog(ItemId) column.


    SELECT * FROM ReportServer.dbo.Catalog WHERE ItemID IN (SELECT DataSource.Link FROM ReportServer.dbo.DataSource)

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