SSC Fantasy Football 2021

  • SQLDCH wrote:

    Draft time is set for September 6, 9am PST (about the same as always).  You can rank your players pre-draft if you're unable to make it, the computer will auto draft for you.  IIRC most of our winners have won using auto.

    If you haven't already, please respond here to let me know you're active.

    Got it, and I'm in!

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  • Got it, not sure if I'll be live or not. We're debating about being out and about that day.

    Plus Yahoo has done me right the last few years.

  • Hi,

    Got the email. Yep I’m still in.

    Sept. 6 is good for me. So no auto draft haha.

    On holiday up in Scotland then, as well.



  • Got it and I'm in.

  • I'm back and ready to draft an entire new group of injured wide receivers.

  • Pretty sure I already said I'm back. Auto-draft has done me well, my worst seasons happened when I participated in the draft.


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  • I'll be back to try to get that gold trophy. Will try to be on the draft, just to see what players are being auto selected (Yahoo drafts way better than me).

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  • I'm in

  • Thank you very much

  • I'm back and (hopefully) better than ever!

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  • My friend Jeff (Green Machine) confirmed he's in, our last straggler is Gerardo.

    @Gerardo, please post to let me know you're in.  I'll send ya an email, also.


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    Yeah, well...The Dude abides.
  • Good day, everyone!!

    I'm in, waiting for the draft. Thanks for counting me in.




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  • Well, a B in the draft. Not sure how I feel and not sure I really know anything about most of these players.

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