Self-selection Reteaming: It’s Not Crazy, It’s the Future

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  • What a fascinating idea, Kendra! I've never heard of reteaming. Thank you for the link to Reedgate's use of self-selecting reteaming, I'm going to read it with interest!!


  • Do you end up with teams that no one wants to work on?

  • What strikes me as interesting about this is, it sounds similar to what I've heard Valve Software lets their developers do.  Dynamically shift to work on a team that they want to work on, a project that they want to work on.

    It's interesting that it seems more and more organizations are giving this sort of "pick what you want to work on" policies a try (Google's dedicated "work on something you want, regardless of it if falls in your job purview" policy, where staff get a set amount of time each week to work on anything they want, the aforementioned Valve Software policy, now Redgate.)

    I'd be willing to bet it does get people more engaged in their work, and a better quality of work from them.

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