Report Server Diagnostic Reports

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  • This was perfect timing for me. I was just looking for something to help me with the very topic.

    Thanks for the article.

    Jason...AKA CirqueDeSQLeil
    I have given a name to my pain...MCM SQL Server, MVP
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  • Skripts are really great!

    Is there a posibility to publish them automatically on a SharePoint Server 2007?



  • This is perfect timing for me too, thankyou!

    What I would really like is to see the stored procedure name that each report uses, anyone know how to get that?

    TIA, Roger

  • Hi Michael

    I've just deployed your SSRS Diagnostics Report Pack to SSRS 2005 and also to a SSRS 2008 ReportServer.

    Yes, the schema is different, but you can open the report in visual studio 2008 and it is converted automatically.

    Works great, thanks for your work.

  • Works perfect for me on 2005 and 2008 (via SSMS)... Top set of reports!

  • Great work. Thanks

    Normal chaos will be resumed as soon as possible. :crazy:

  • Great article. .zip file with source code does not seem to be working?


    - Savage

  • NbleSavage-393985 (2/4/2010)

    Great article. .zip file with source code does not seem to be working?


    - Savage

    *.zip file works perfectly. 🙂

  • Franz_K (2/4/2010)

    NbleSavage-393985 (2/4/2010)

    Great article. .zip file with source code does not seem to be working?


    - Savage

    *.zip file works perfectly. 🙂

    Still cannot dload....attempts to capture the .zip as a stream / octect...

    Will keep trying, must be on my end.

    - Savage

  • Excellent stuff!

    Have downloaded, installed, and now ready to play. Thank you for sharing these.


  • Several points to note:

    1. 2005 is different than 2008 in schema and the type of metrics available. 2008 has more information.

    2. If your solution does not use a datawarehouse and goes directly to the ezecutionlog, the usage metrics are only as good as the history. The default is 60 days.

    A solution exists on codeplex called sqlscrubs to extract all of that information from reporting services 2008 to drive actionable report optimization. It includes the necessary datawarehouse, ssis package and set of starter reports.



  • Very nice article and great job on the reports. Wasn't sure if you were aware of it at all, but with the SSRS Samples on CodePlex there is an SSIS package and Reports that you can leverage, Report Execution Log Files. Doesn't provide everything you have provided, but you might want to check it out if you haven't seen this before. The only reason that you would want this is because you will want to offload the Execution information since the default setting is to only keep 60 days of history.

    There are other Report Packs available for SSRS 2005 that you can check out here on the Microsoft downloads SQL Server 2005 Report Packs.

    Thanks for sharing your work. Once again very nice.

    Dan English -

  • Thanks for sharing your work!

    Kevin G. Boles
    SQL Server Consultant
    SQL MVP 2007-2012
    TheSQLGuru on googles mail service

  • Michael, we used to fight with Develpoers on why the report has failed. Now you can see on the Subreport "ReportErrors". Now we can see who went on to give himself power to run and edit reports.

    A very nice piece of Work. Especially on your introduction of how you used to take time to establish the problem, now you have made a master piece which can manifest within seconds.

    I did test with SQL 2005 and it seems as if I did develop these reports on my own!!!:-P

    If possible just give me any hints about Reporting Services. I am not much concentrating on Reporting on my Work but today I have changed my mind.

    Michael thanks for changing other people's minds also. I will be on Reporting from now on.


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