Report Server Diagnostic Reports

  • Try this...then circle back to fill the nulls (linked datasources)

    SELECT DISTINCT Cat.Name AS Reportname, dst.Name AS DataSetName, Dsc.Name AS DataSourceName, Cat.Path


    Catalog AS Cat ON dst.ItemID = Cat.ItemID LEFT OUTER JOIN

    DataSource AS Dsc ON Cat.ItemID = Dsc.ItemID

    WHERE (Cat.Type = 2)

    ORDER BY Reportname

  • Thanks for sharing your RDL's for the Report Server management report and great job. It was very helpful and helped resolve most of my issues promptly.


  • Top job Michael

    Ramesh Konda

  • Thank you for the reports.

    I downloaded the zip file, extracted the rdl files and imported them into a reporting project.

    I like the design and choice of color for the reports.

    They provided excellent information about the reports.

    I currently have them on my desktop machine.

    Does the fact that these report, being released to the public, mean we are allowed to use them on a production server?

    I don't use anything in production that is not licensed.



  • Go right ahead, Gary -- your thank you is enough!

    I'd also look back over the comments. MaricopaJoe has made some significant additions to his version of these reports and posted his code changes in the comments -- Sadly I haven't incorporated them into the base set in the download.

  • I noticed today that some data sources where being missed using the schemas listed in the data sources.

    If you are using Sharepoint 2010 with SSRS then you will want to update the queries that contain: or

    The new schema worked on both 2008 and 2012 reports. I am not sure if this is a Sharepoint Issue, but if you are seeing missing connections, then you will want to update the query accordingly.

    These reports will NOT reflect Sharepoint Permissions, and those are not stored in the ReportServer.

  • We migrated to fresh hardware and fresh Reporting Services databases for SQL Server 2012. When I copied the Reporting Services reports to the new SQL Server 2012 instance, I noticed that we are periodically missing data on the ReportStatistics page. For example, the following summaries on the page are missing data:

    - Online Usage - Last 180 Days

    - Online Number of Users - Last 180 Days

    - Top 10 Online Users -Last 180 Days

    Has anyone else noticed missing data with SQL Server 2012? Just thought I would check before I go through the code. Up until this point, the pages worked great.



  • Did you check the schema references in the report, so that it points to

    In the ExecutionLogview3, does it indicate that you are using more than one server (scale out)?

  • Please start a new thread instead of posting to one that is a year old.

    Kevin G. Boles
    SQL Server Consultant
    SQL MVP 2007-2012
    TheSQLGuru on googles mail service

  • Hi Michael, I want to thank you for sharing your excellent work. 7 years and it is still extremely helpful. 

  • Eight years on and still relevant - thanks for sharing this, is of great help and saved me heaps of time.

  • Thanks these reports are great. I added them to my reportserver no problem. Cheers!

  • Anyone have a download link for this? The recent website changes appear to have removed the article attachments 🙁

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