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  • Hi Steve, how about if we have 5 user database enabled with TDE and want to remove TDE permanently only on one/few database?


  • One thing the article does not take into account is all the backups that will be in-accessible if the certificates are removed. I have a couple of posts about this area and about this.

  • Around 10 months ago I deployed TDE on a database I was developping, when I turned it off I was confronted with this problem.

    I had to remove the database and use a backup from for the TDE to restore it, luckily no data was lost since it was still a 'proof-of-concept' database.

    A few months later we deployed it without TDE since we still needed a lot of work and now we're in the process of removing it since its design no longer fits into the concept it was designed for.

  • Thanks for this Steve - I've added a link back to this in my article "TDE Setup and Administration Scripts"


  • Thank you Steve, you have made a complex scenario simple to understand. I have saved this article in briefcase, never know when I may need it 🙂


  • Thanks Steve, we are just starting to look at encryption. Good to know the gotchas.

  • Thanks Steve. Awesome article. I'm adding this one to my briefcase.

  • This is one of those knowledge from hard experience things...nice of you to share.


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  • Thank you for sharing the article.

    It's something great to know before facing a situation like that which may get people fired if they're not careful.

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

    Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Database Analyst

  • Excellent article. My proof of concept showed that it couldn't be removed, I'm glad you wrote this.

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    Yeah, well...The Dude abides.
  • Well done Steve... Thank you


  • Thanks for all the comments. I have just come back from holiday and seeing all the positive comments has helped chase away the post holiday depression!

  • crazy4sql (11/2/2011)

    Hi Steve, how about if we have 5 user database enabled with TDE and want to remove TDE permanently only on one/few database?

    Hi Ashish

    The steps apply in the same way to a single database, just don't remove the certificate if it is used by the other encrypted databases.


  • Many Thanks Steve.

    So if I have to move the TDE enabled database to other server where TDE is not enabled, is my approach correct;

    1) Remove TDE on Source database

    2) Backup Databse

    3) Restore databse


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