Refresh all views in a database

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  • Good one. Simple and Easy.

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  • I didn't know you could do this, thanks.

  • Just circling back to say thanks for this tip.

  • I seem to recall this script was plagiarised recently, which seems to have been sorted, but I recall a very pertinent question on that thread about 'what if the schema was different'. Without wishing to take anything from the original Author or Authors, perhaps this may work (there may be better solutions):

    DECLARE @sqlcmd NVARCHAR(MAX) = ''

    SELECT @sqlcmd = @sqlcmd + 'EXEC sp_refreshview ''' + TABLE_SCHEMA + '.'+ TABLE_NAME + ''';'



    SELECT @sqlcmd


  • Heh... not only different schema but the quite different problem of a view that uses the WITH SCHEMABINDING directive.  You might also want to think about NOT rebuilding Indexed Views and the very real problems associated with views in general if they actually do need to be refreshed even in the face of column additions.  There are exceptions, of course, but generally not.

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