Reducing the Frequency of SQL Server Central Newsletters

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  • I can understand your reasoning, and would probably do the same thing in your situation, however it is a shame as yours is the only newsletter I've ever felt is worth reading!

  • I definitely feel the screen time fatigue! Although this newsletter is one of the few that I endeavour to read regularly, I support your decision to reduce the frequency.

  • As has been said, yours is a good and valuable newsletter but I completely 'get' the fatigue thing.  Nobody needs that, so carry on.  Three will be just fine.  Thanks for all that you do.

  • I definitely get the fatigue thing from both the writing and reading perspective.  I find headlines have to be very interesting these days to even be bothered to read, and my tolerance for "it's just too much to read right now" has gotten worse.  Good decision.  You guys are great, and missed seeing everyone at PASS SUMMIT

  • I understand your reasoning but it's a shame because this newsletter is the one I force myself to read regularly.

    So I support your decision to reduce the frequency even though I regret it.

    Good continuation.

  • Only recently noticed that my newsletter was missing, due to all other things I have coming in. Missed it in hind sight, but 3 a week is a nice compromise.

  • I find also, that this is the only Newsletter I force myself to read regularly, but after reading it for so many years - I totally accept and agree with reducing to 3 times a week. Unless you're totally on board with the Azure train I do find that new content is wearing a bit thin (a reflection on Microsoft's SQL Server strategy?) and quality over quantity is a better thing.

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  • Concur with the quality over quantity comment.  It'll also make it easier to "catch up" after unplugging during extended absences.

  • I'm not gonna cry about one less email in my inbox on Tues & Thurs, especially when I know that I'll still see the content on another day. I support your effort to make life easier for everyone.

  • As others have said, it's about quality over quantity. Burnout doesn't help anyone on either side of the screen. I've been subscribed and on board almost since day one and all I can say is, keep up the great work!

  • I do agree with this. I get so much in my inbox that any break is welcome. Besides, I would prefer Quality over quantity.



  • Like most folks, I get lots of emails. I really do appreciate the newsletter. But as the saying goes, "Sometimes less is more." Thank you for making the change.

  • Thank you and all of the contributors for this great source of learning and keeping current. I understand fried. Hope that if the pace of evolution increases, with it will come the number of daily publishings. Meanwhile, smile and have a bit of a rest! Again, thank you all!

    Drew Morris

  • I've been a reader of the daily SQL Server Central Newsletter for many years. I'm sorry to see it being reduced to just 3 days a week, but I understand the reason. It makes sense. I'll adjust.


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