Reducing the Frequency of SQL Server Central Newsletters

  • I totally agree with the change. I love reading each and every article, and it will be great to keep up.




  • I enjoy getting the daily newsletter, but I value your well being and understand why you are making this decision. Thank you for all you do.

  • totally understand, have got screen fatigue as well 🙂

  • Have enjoyed reading your newsletter for many years.  Understand the need to dial back the frequency.  Hope this will help you recharge the batteries after too many months of fighting Covid-19.


    Good decision. Thanks for all that you do.

  • I will miss not beginning my workday with these every day.  This is one of the only emails I subscribe to that I regularly read and learn from.  However,  I understand the fatigue and appreciate whatever you can put out.

    Many Thanks!

  • Thanks for all the feedback and kind words. We aren't opposed to going back to 5, but for now we are trying this to see how it changes workloads and what you think.

    Give us a few weeks and then let us know again. I'll post a reminder.

  • I will miss the emails, but certainly do understand.  You folks have done a great job with this for as  long as I have been taking part.  Even though I've been retired for years, I have always enjoyed the discussions and hearing about the problems you all face.  I recently turned 78 years old.  When I retired about 11 years ago I  left behind supporting around 50 instances of SQL Server and hundreds of dbs in a corporate environment,  but I still use my personal SQL Server environment daily.  I think the activity and the challenges help to keep me thinking and alert.  You all have always been very helpful.  I could only wish for a great user community like this for other software that I also use daily.

    Thanks to all you.

    Disaster Recovery = Backup ( Backup ( Your Backup ) )

  • I can definitely understand needing to reduce the frequency right now. Hope that eventually that can go back, but don't want to burn out the contributors. This is one of the e-mails that almost always gets read because there's good information and that's been the case almost since the beginning for me.

  • I miss seeing more articles daily, but it's understandable the fatigue you're facing, I would like to see more people supporting this project to give you a rest.

  • Thanks, Pablo.

    Content has been the biggest issue, so more bloggers and authors would be nice.

    hint, hint 😉


  • ;-(

  • 3 days is definitely ok. It’s helped me get trough the backlog. Look how long it took me to get to this one. 🙂

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