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    K. Brian Kelley

  • A great article, I was really looking forward to intellisense being available in sql 2005 until they decided to drop it.

    I can see this being a useful in our environment and should make my life a little easier

  • Shit doesnt work!!!!!!!!

  • PromptSQL looks like a slick little Intellisense program. For $25, it's a great deal if Intellisense is the *only* feature you're looking for. I have to plug ApexSQL's Edit program, though. It has Intellisense and *so* much more.

  • I couldn't get it to popup consistently. Has anyone that has tried the product with mixed results been able to fix that?

  • I beta-tested the app and bought it almost as soon as the buy link was available. It worked great for me under Query Analyzer, SSMS beta and SSMS release. I don't use VS much for SQL, so can't really comment on that. I did notice the SQL Login prompt a couple of times, but mostly if I had network trouble (or in one instance had to alias my machine).

    The programmer was always very quick to respond to my suggestions and requests for help. I'd recommend contacting him with details of your problem if you're having trouble. Be sure to capture a log first - that's not enabled by default.

    Atadore's running a list of suggestions/bug fixes on his site as well. You can suggest new features or check on the status of existing requests to see if they will be in the next version. He's implemented several of the ideas already. I also find it cool that he's not a SQL Server guy. He's a programmer who saw this opportunity and developed the idea.

    Only change I'm waiting for now is a minor tweak that will display columns when you expand something in the actual column order. Atadore has a minor bug in 1.2 that sorts columns treating the order as a character instead of an int. He wrote back and explained that it was missed in testing, but fixed for the next release.

    For the $25 this cost, it was well worth it. Here's hoping that he doesn't get snatched up by some large company that will boost the license cost through the roof. 🙂

  • You may have to adjust the sensitivity on how quickly it displays. The default setting for the pop-up boxes and tool tips is 400 ms. Some people want it to pop-up immediately and you can do so by reducing the number for the delays.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Aye, I love Apex SQL's Edit program as well. However, PromptSQL fits a nice niche: want IntelliSense but without the expenditure of cost for another environment? PromptSQL takes care of it. This works out well, too, if you don't want to switch because of personal preference to the Microsoft provided tools. Some people just prefer those tools to any others but would like IntelliSense.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Instead of posting comments like this, can you explain some of your issues with the product? For folks trying to make a decision on whether or not to plunk down some money, this kind of comment doesn't offer them any additional information one way or the other.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • I've looked at a number of SQL Intellisense programs and chose "SQL Assist" based on two features - templates and sql formatting. Their Templates are extremely powerful and configurable. SQL formatting is very good and is useful when I post some long query that I get from Profiler.

    Down side: It runs only on Visual Studio for the moment.

    P Barbin

  • Lets face it. At $25 a pop, you can't go wrong. Even if you use it only minimally. It can pay for itself in as little as 1/2 hour of time savings. There isn't anyone who can say that this won't save them at least 1/2 hour of time throughout the life of the product. I could see a lengthly discussion on this if it were, say $1000, but at $25, it has already taken more of my time to write this reply than to pay for the product. Yes there are better products. No, there are no better products for $25. Its that simple. I bought a copy to use for myself out of my own pocket (I didn't want the hastle of having to explain and have my manager approve a $25 purchase).


  • I have been tempted to check this out for some time.   I am still considering it and will probably test it out after this review.

    I have a question about the Intellisense programs out there, does the Intellisense work with the functions?  It really irritates me that SQL Query Analyzer does not provide Intellisense for its functions.  I hate have to always go to the BOL to remember what variable is required first in functions (ex. CHARINDEX, PATINDEX, REPLACE, etc.).  Does anyone know if that is available? 

  • It is available in SQL Assist.

    P Barbin

  • I've been trying to get to their site but it keeps coming up unavailable. Are any of you having that same issue??

  • In the quick testing I did, no, it doesn't do IntelliSense on the functions from what I saw. However, if you send feedback to the folks at Atadore I'm sure they'll think about including it. They've proven to be extremely responsive in my dealings with them.

    PromptSQL Feedback Form

    K. Brian Kelley

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