• In question i think there should be nchar instead of nvarchar then the answer will be correct

  • mohammed moinudheen (4/7/2011)

    Books online reference below.

    nvarchar [ ( n | max ) ]

    Variable-length Unicode character data. n can be a value from 1 through 4,000. max indicates that the maximum storage size is 2^31-1 bytes. The storage size, in bytes, is two times the number of characters entered + 2 bytes. The data entered can be 0 characters in length. The ISO synonyms for nvarchar are national char varying and national character varying.


    Answer should be 6.

    The correct answer is 4 - run the code.

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  • Shocked again :sick: total mismatch between question and answer :exclamationmark:

  • Ho-Hum Question about one topic, answer about another.... Explains why i got it "wrong" Seems to me however, that it is the published answer that is wrong for the question....

    we wait and see...

  • Agreed, either the question should be changed to use NCHAR or the answer should be updated to correctly be 4. We're CS people, accuracy and correctness is important in our lives! 😉 I'm sure I'm not the only one irked by the fact that the question is blatantly broken (see what I did there, that alliteration? Awesome eh?).

    The answer is definitely not 6, it must be a result of the DATALENGTH() function not of DB storage.

    Since I posted my answer another 50+ people have all answered and suffered through it 🙁

  • Wake up and then post a question.

  • Answer is completly Wrong

    declare @a nvarchar(30)

    set @a='aa'

    select datalength(@a)

    Answer as per sql server is 4

  • I too have answered it as '4',but the answer is based on nchar(30) whereas the question is for nvarchar(30).This is really unfair to all those who answered '4' instead of '60'.

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  • For your code shown below I totally disagree with your answer

    declare @a nvarchar(30) -- See the Difference

    set @a='aa'

    select datalength(@a)

    Explanation: u have declared Variable-length Unicode character data and the answer for your above code is 4

    Justification: The storage size, in bytes, is two times the number of characters entered + 2 bytes -- for nvarchar

    If you have posted the code as shown below then your answer is correct and I Agree.

    declare @a nchar(30) -- See the Difference

    set @a='aa'

    select datalength(@a)

    Explanation: If you have declared Fixed-length Unicode character data of n characters then the answer is 60 and you are correct

    Justification: The storage size is two times n bytes -- for nchar.

    Conclusion: My Answer is Correct

    Advice: Before you post this type of question(s), I would Advice you to verify the answer twice or thrice.



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  • Question and answer don't match up, I answered 4 based on the question to only find out that I was wrong but sure that I was right. Entering the forum I see I am not the only one that got it wrong.

    Can I get my point now please....


  • Steve, are you responsible for QoD selections? Shame on you!


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  • Like most others I would say 4 - surprised at what the answer "should" have been.

    Ran the code against different servers 2005, 2008 , 2008 R2 (in case that made a difference) and got

    4 every time.

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    want my points!

    set childish_tanrum off

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  • I'm take aback by the fact this question made it on to the site.

    Come on Steve, you seem to be letting any Tom, Dick and Harry set questions.

  • Good question - pity the answer was given was wrong :-). Alas folks we're not robots and everyone is allowed a mistake...

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