• I just wanted to add one more unnecessary post to this incredibly long thread 😛

    "This is the post that never ends.

    It just goes on and on my friends.

    Some people starting posting on it, not knowing what it was.

    And we'll continue posting on it forever just because

    This is the post that never ends..."

    Hard to get that one out of your head...:w00t:

    Peter Trast
    Microsoft Certified ...(insert many literal strings here)
    Microsoft Design Architect with Alexander Open Systems

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor (4/12/2011)

    Everyone will get points back and I have corrected the question. Apologies for not fixing this earlier.

    You do not have to post to get points back. When we have an incorrect question, everyone will get points back.

    OK Steve Jones, the question changed, but where are my points?

  • nvarchar vs nchar : just a joke ??

  • Interesting...

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