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  • If there are any settings or options a user can make to the forums I can't find them. If there are and I'm just not seeing them please point out how to access them.

    I'm looking for options that allow those with visual issues to change things like color and contrast to make it easier to read. The REPLY REPORT QUOTE and EDIT links are not that far from being invisible to me and its because they blend into the back ground.   There are typically many more settings for users, this is just one example. The current setup is a problem because these links blend into the page fo to the lack of contrast.

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  • You've yet to make the realization that the "upgrade" they did wasn't really user oriented, although I'm sure that Steve will argue with that.  It was to increase the looks on mobile devices and to increase SEO.   They're not the only one's to do such a thing.  Just look at the god awful "metro" look of Windows 10 and the really cheap looking icons in SSMS nowadays.

    If you want a real "treat", lookup some author like Wayne Sheffield on this site and try to find his articles on this site.  There's no real easy way to do it because his blogs from his other sites are also included.  Then, if you're lucky enough to find one of those articles, go look at the discussions and see that most folks code is quadruple spaced now... virtually unreadable.

    Again, Steve will argue but I'm pretty sick about this change which was definitely not for the better for any of us heavy posters.  Hell, it took them weeks just to make some of the old links found on Google work and a lot of them still don't work.  I've totally given up reporting things like that because they say they don't have the Developer time or it's good enough.

    Heh... so join me in being disappointed in the site but not the people who are still a very good part of this community... especially Steve even though I find his justifications for the current condition of the site to be equally disappointing. 😉

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  • We don't have per user settings implemented. There are some ways to do this, but it's a rather large piece of work that we elected not to do.

    I do agree with you that the contrast for some items has been poor. I haven't gotten many specific complaints on those, though the one you've pointed out, are one I've argued with the developers about. They won that argument in the short term, because of no specific complaints other than mine. I don't use those items very often, so it hasn't been an issue, but now that someone else has complained, the PM has noted this and I can get the contrast increased.

    Other specifics, please feel free to post.

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