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  • Back to the basics .. nice question

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  • Was really looking for what is the catch!!! 😛

    Nice simple question as follow up to yesterdays... Thanks

  • Too easy for QoD! 🙂 Thanks.

    Sujeet Singh

  • Spent 15 minutes looking for the gotcha... (what do you want, after yesterday's question)


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  • Nice back to basics question although I'm a bit more of a COALESCE man myself.

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  • The number of wrong answers suggests spambots may be at work 😉

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  • Koen Verbeeck (8/8/2012)

    Spent 15 minutes looking for the gotcha...

    Gotta admit, I kept poking at it, waiting for a gotcha. Contemplated fetching my coffee before I submitted my answer even. ... but... but... it was a question I could answer before fully waking up. Thanks!

  • After yesterday's question , It was a feel good . 😛

    ~ demonfox
    Wondering what I would do next , when I am done with this one :ermm:

  • Thank you for the brain break.

  • I thought for sure this was some sort of trick question... very happy to get it right. 🙂

  • Robin Sasson (8/8/2012)

    Nice back to basics question although I'm a bit more of a COALESCE man myself.

    I remember a long time ago (SQL Server 2005?) having performance issues using COALESCE rather than ISNULL, although I never really looked into it to find out what was going on. I suspect there may have been other mitigating factors.

  • I recall in school, there were some teachers that would give a point for filling out your name on your paper correctly. I feel like I just got one of those points.

    Still there was always someone iin the class that would screw that up.

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  • Nice back to basics questions, nice and easy despite my insane attempts to find the catch... :crazy:

    Thanks 😀

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