Is there room for independent SQL or Data Integration based User Groups?

  • Roman posted the link to the Microsoft Azure Data community. I think if you do 50% of the meetings on MS related topics (Azure, SQL Server, pro dev), they'll pay for Meetup and give you a site. There is also, from Denny Cherry, that is giving away sites for groups. The WIT group is there:

    Redgate isn't doing anything with user groups. There wasn't any asset here from PASS available or sold. We are working on SQL Saturday, the Summit, and posting all the video content.

  • Steve,

    Oh gosh I'm not sure how I missed, I've requested a site and Denny just got it setup for me.  I planned on hosting it on my Linode server, but this seems like a perfect home for it.  I appreciate the name drop...

    I hope to get the site primed this weekend then next week start getting it out there to find some traction.  Since we have no tech UG's in town I hope to encompass all the MS SQL Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, installation/config, etc) along with BI, Azure, DotNet/Core, Devops, whatever else.  Anything related to data integration, integrity, security, or development.  Many of the other groups I've checked are in much bigger towns so they have lots of MVP's or folks with many certs/credentials, I don't know that we'll have that so I might need to find some guest speakers from time to time *nudge nudge* 🙂  But we need to crawl before we run, need to find some folks interested first.

    Also I'm sure you won't remember me but we did meet briefly at SQL In The City when they had it in Austin about 7 or 8 years back after one of your presentations.  I can't wait until things are back to whatever new normal we'll have in the future so we can start having in-person events like this again.

    Take care, and thanks again for pointing me this direction.



  • My pleasure, and glad you got the site set up. Most people don't want to deal with running a server, and I'm glad MS and Denny are providing sites.

    For events, we'll also have SQL Saturday back up soon (fingers crossed) and Hopefully some of you will run an event this year and next year we'll get back to live ones.

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