INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested, the Simple Solution

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    Anything can be fixed

  • Really interesting.

    As you mentioned, if we need to setup some test data, we'll have to do that inside the code called by the CLR... AND remember to roll this back.

    As long as we bear this in mind, it looks brilliant.

    Many Thanks


  • This is a great proprietary solution but lacks portability in a heterogeneous database environment using ANSI SQL.

    You said "All those solutions are hacky, and it is simply not always possible to change the underlying code.".  How about converting the nested proc to inline block of code in the main proc.   It is a parallel to avoid using scalar functions for check constraints instead of inline.

    Great article!  I rate this a 5

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  • A very nice and handy article. I learned about assemblies built with C# long ago but never got around to using them. This is an example of a good time to use them.


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