Infect Your Colleagues with the Learning Bug

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  • You can lead the horse to water, but most of the horses are happier grazing in the pasture with the sheep...

  • Man, I like what you said here, Andy. +1, up arrow, Like, etc.!!


  • I agree. I've worked with people who seem to be quite happy to be stuck as "expert beginners", doing the same few things, year in, year out. They do those few things really well, but they don't really seem to learn anything new, and they don't seem to want to. I think they must be lacking the healthy dose of fear that the rest of us have!

  • I've never thought of sharing articles as encouraging someone else to learn more, but now I have, I feel tricked! Years ago someone did exactly that to me - forwarding me relevant articles, etc. And, not wanting to get left behind, I subscribed to the same emails/feeds & started reading and learning more.

    Madison, WI

  • Leonard, for once a "trick" worked out to be a good thing!

  • Nice Read, thanks Andy.


  • Nice topic, Andy. Once people become infected with the desire to learn, things tend to get better. Until then, they move slowly.

  • Ed, I remain convinced that most people choose to not learn/invest because they so fear "wasting" effort. All it takes it time spent learning one thing that is never used, or one feature that is deprecated (Notification Services) and the lesson they learn is "learn when required only". It takes some experience and perhaps a little faith to invest knowing that you can't quantify the value and may not be able to measure the return.

  • Investing in yourself is one of the better things you can do. It really builds on the successes of today and might help you reach a better tomorrow. When one learns that maintaining the status quo is always going backwards, you automatically see the need to strive to learn and do better.

    If failure is not a option, then learning and increasing your skills and understanding is the only way forward.

    Great read and thank you!


    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

  • I keep learning, as many do, and have always encouraged my peers with sharing information (links, papers, magazines etc.) being one of the ways. Some people receive these with anticipation, some as a chore whilst others ignore them. I have found that it easy for people to learn by being spoon fed with information but not everyone will continue once you no longer send them information e.g. when one of you moves on.

    I wish they all were like Leonard but then again I am benefiting from a career improved by being someone who continues learning out of choice.


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