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  • Nice straight forward question

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Thanks - straight forwards point today

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  • Nice question

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  • Nice question, thank you


  • Nice question compared to yesterday!

  • Could you imagine the I/O on a bulk insert to a table with 999 nonclustered indexes though?

    I think the DB engine would actually explode. 🙂


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  • Got it right--for SQL Server 2005 😉

    Thanks for a straightforward question.

    And you might find this link helpful as well.



  • Thanks, easy question.


  • This will help the swelling go down after yesterday's injuries. Thanks for the question!

    I didn't learn as much as I have with other QOTDs, but sometimes it's nice to see "You got it right!" first thing in the morning. Good way to start the day.

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  • Needed an easier question after yesterday. Couldn't imagine ever needing 999 indexes on a single table though.

  • nice question!!!!

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  • Good question, although I rather my ERP developer not know about this limit, it seems they are trying to get there.

  • Britt Cluff (10/6/2011)

    Needed an easier question after yesterday. Couldn't imagine ever needing 999 indexes on a single table though.

    I agree. That seems like a crazy high number.

  • nice question... tks.

    I'm sure someone out there is quite proud of being able to make full use of this! 😀 😛

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