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  • Need my points back. I thought 10 was correct.

  • Not sure I like questions where the point seems to be to make the question setter look superior with a questionable answer.

  • If you are going to use BOL as your source (as I did) then at least make your answer line up with the source. There is no Note or other section that mentions your so call debate.

  • +1 here. I chose "10" as the answer.

    The jar either has 10 jelly beans in it, or 12.

  • wow - looks like i missed all the fun last week! i also got this wrong today by answering 10... :unsure:

  • I'll add my vote for 10.

  • 10 is the right answer! not sure how correct answer has been concluded to be (10,12). Interesting that according to the author it is the correct answer as per BOL:w00t:! may be I am looking at some different BOL :hehe:

    Sujeet Singh

  • Questions like these devalue the QOTD points all together. :ermm:


    Personal Motto: Why push the envelope when you can just open it?

    If you follow the direction given HERE[/url] you'll likely increase the number and quality of responses you get to your question.

    Jason L. Selburg
  • Hello Moderator,

    According to BOL, 10 is the correct answer and 12 does not makes any sense.

    Your team must monitor all such question before hand and suggest/make necessary amendments, where required.


  • I answered 10 - can i have my point please? 😀

  • Well I also answered 10 because the answer is really 10. Using math from Barsoom it probably is 12, but who cares. Taking the answer of 10 then 12 has to be wrong for in no system of logic does 10 = 12. And conversely if the answer is 12 it cannot be 10.

    But who cares. Microsoft says 10, but who are they? How should they know! And who do they think they are when we know better then the one who created the thing in the first place?

    I could while away the hours, Conferring with the flowers, Consulting with the rain

    And my head I'll be scratching, While my thoughts were busy hatching, If I only had a brain.

    Smile it is only a test!

    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

  • Haaico (7/4/2012)

    It looks like the correct answer is incorrect :w00t: According to the explanation the correct answer is 10 but choosing that answer still results in "Sorry - you were wrong" and the Correct answer shows as "10, 12".




    But of course the 10, 12 answer can be obtained by ticking two boxes, and as we know that if only a single option is correct we get radio buttons instead of tick boxes it was careless of me to select only one answer (the one which the explanation clearly states is correct, of course, although the "correct" answer is different). I guess 23% of people were sufficiently observant to notice the check boxes, since that many got it right. So it's maybe a good question and answer. But in fact I believe the answer is silly, and it isn't supported by the explanation, which could be read as suggesting that 11 is a valid answer as well as 10, but certainly not that 12 is valid, and in reality just opens up a whole can of worms that could lead to a large number of different valid answers, most of which - like 11 - were not options.

    In fact I reckon that the explanation is pretty terrible, and that the attempt to include any answer other than the 10 given by BoL rendered the question a thoroughly bad one.


  • L' Eomot Inversé (7/25/2012)

    I guess 23% of people were sufficiently observant to notice the check boxes, since that many got it right.

    Maybe 12%, not 23?

    I guess this is just the percentage of people who cheated (e.g. they were waiting for the email containing the "correct" answer).

  • Worst. Question. Ever?

  • SQL Kiwi (7/26/2012)

    Worst. Question. Ever?

    No, I think my DBCC CHECKDB question was actually worse. And I can rememeber being absolutely horrified by one or two that must have been even worse than that.

    But probably in the top 5 worst questions.


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