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  • L' Eomot Inversé (7/27/2012)

    But probably in the top 5 worst questions.

    Happy with that.

  • I give up... Does quality not matter anymore?

    I use QotD to learn more and to prepare for new certifcations, but this is once again a question that are obviously wrong, but this one is REALLY WRONG.

    How can you make a question that requires one simple answer a multiple choise question? Either it is 10, 12 or another figure, but it cant be 10 and 12.

    Besides that, then MSDN says 10, but is that really true?

    Can we have:

    Clustered unique

    Clustere nonunique

    Nonclustered Unique

    NonClustered nonunique

    XML Primary index (should they be counted as one or two XML)

    XML Secondary index (should they be counted as one or two XML)

    Nonclustered Unique with included columns

    Nonclustered nonunique with included columns



    NonClustered Unique filtered

    Nonclustered nonunique filtered


    And there might be more combinations, and I might have made mistakes, but basically.. HOW DO WE COUNT?

  • Answered 10 but got it wrong.

  • Same here. Answered 10..n got it wrong...

    10 & 12 are absolutely crap...:angry:

  • if only 10 is selected then also it should be correct answer

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